BOVIPACK: Horizontal Overwrapping Machine VS Vertical Overwrapping Machine

November 29, 2023

BOVIPACK: The Horizontal Overwrapping Machine

Firstly, let's discuss the horizontal overwrapping machine.

This machine is characterized by its horizontal orientation, where the product is placed on a conveyor belt and then wrapped with a film that is fed from the side.

The horizontal overwrapping machine is commonly used for packaging products such as chocolate bars, cookies and soap bars.

It offers high-speed packaging and is ideal for products that are long and narrow in shape.

On the other hand, the vertical overwrapping machine has a vertical orientation, where the product is placed on a platform and wrapped with a film that is dispensed from the top.

This machine is often used for packaging products such as boxes, bottles and cans.

The vertical overwrapping machine provides a tight and secure packaging, ensuring the protection and preservation of the products during transportation and storage.

In terms of operation, the horizontal overwrapping machine offers continuous wrapping, where the products are wrapped one after another in a continuous manner.

This makes it suitable for high-volume production lines.

BOVIPACK: The Vertical Overwrapping Machine

On the contrary, the vertical overwrapping machine operates in a intermittent manner, where the products are wrapped individually.

This makes it suitable for low-volume or customized packaging requirements.

When it comes to the advantages of each machine, the horizontal overwrapping machine offers high-speed packaging, which increases productivity and efficiency.

It also allows for easy integration with other packaging machines in a production line.

On the other hand, the vertical overwrapping machine provides a compact and space-saving design, making it suitable for small production areas.

It also offers flexibility in terms of product size and shape.

In conclusion, both the horizontal overwrapping machine and the vertical overwrapping machine have their own unique features and advantages.

The choice between the two depends on the specific packaging requirements of the products and the production line.

Whether it is the speed, space-saving design, or product compatibility, there is a suitable overwrapping machine available to meet the needs of any packaging operation.

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