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BOVIPACK: What are the packaging requirements for turret cellophane wrapping machine?

December 27, 2023

BOVIPACK: The Packing Requirements of Turret Cellophane Wrapping Machine

1. Size and Shape: The machine should be capable of wrapping products of various sizes and shapes.

The packaging requirements should specify the maximum and minimum dimensions of the products to be wrapped.


2. Speed and Output: The machine should have a specified wrapping speed and output capacity.

This requirement is crucial for meeting production targets and ensuring a continuous flow of wrapped products.


3. Film Type and Thickness: The packaging requirements should specify the type and thickness of the cellophane film to be used.

Different products may require different film types, such as transparent, printed or colored films.

The thickness of the film should be appropriate to provide sufficient protection to the product.


4. Wrapping Style: The machine should be capable of performing different wrapping styles, such as single or multiple layers, envelope-style, or box-style wrapping.

The packaging requirements should define the desired wrapping style for the specific product.


5. Sealing and Cutting Mechanism: The machine should have a reliable sealing and cutting mechanism.

The packaging requirements should specify the type of sealing, such as heat sealing or adhesive sealing, and the desired cutting method, such as straight or zigzag cutting.

6. Product Orientation: The machine should be able to handle products with specific orientation requirements.

For example, some products may need to be wrapped in a specific direction or with a certain side facing up.

The packaging requirements should indicate any special product orientation needs.


7. Product Handling: The machine should have appropriate mechanisms for product feeding, positioning and discharge.

The packaging requirements should specify the desired feeding method, such as manual or automatic, and any specific product positioning or discharge requirements.


8. Safety and Hygiene: The machine should comply with safety and hygiene standards.

The packaging requirements should include safety features such as emergency stop buttons, safety guards and easy-to-clean surfaces to ensure the safety of operators and the hygiene of the wrapped products.


9. Maintenance and Serviceability: The machine should be designed for easy maintenance and serviceability.

The packaging requirements should specify any specific maintenance or service requirements, such as regular lubrication or spare parts availability.


In conclusion, the packaging requirements for turret cellophane wrapping machines cover various aspects such as size, speed, film type,

wrapping style, sealing mechanism, product orientation, handling, safety, hygiene and maintenance.

By meeting these requirements, turret cellophane wrapping machine can provide an excellent solution for various packaging needs across different industries.

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