BOVIPACK: What problems will occur in turret cellophane wrapping machine?

December 29, 2023

BOVIPACK: The Problems and Solutions of Turret Cellophane Wrapping Machine


1. Misalignment of the product: If the product is not correctly aligned on the machine's conveyor belt, it may result in inaccurate wrapping or even damage to the product.

This misalignment can occur due to various reasons, such as improper loading or a malfunctioning sensor.

Solution: To prevent this issue, it is essential to ensure that the products are correctly positioned on the conveyor belt before the wrapping process starts.


2. The occurrence of jams: Jams can happen when the cellophane film gets stuck or tangled in the machine's mechanisms.

This can be caused by factors like improper tension settings or worn-out parts.

Solution: Regular maintenance and inspection of the machine can help identify and resolve these issues.

Additionally, operators should be trained to handle jams properly to minimize downtime and prevent further damage to the machine.

3. The tearing of the cellophane film: This can happen when the film is too thin or when excessive force is applied during the wrapping process.

It can result in incomplete or uneven wrapping and may require the re-wrapping of the product.

Solution: To avoid this problem, it is important to use the appropriate thickness of cellophane film and ensure that the machine's settings are adjusted correctly for each product.


4. Electrical or mechanical malfunctions: These malfunctions can range from simple issues like loose connections or worn-out belts to more complex problems like motor failures or sensor errors.

Solution: Regular maintenance and inspection of the machine are crucial to identify and fix these malfunctions promptly.

Additionally, having a backup machine or spare parts on hand can help minimize downtime in case of a major breakdown.


In conclusion, while turret cellophane wrapping machines are efficient packaging machines, they can encounter various problems during operation.

Misalignment of the product, jams, tearing of the cellophane film, and electrical or mechanical malfunctions are some common issues that may occur.

Regular maintenance, proper training of operators, and using the correct settings and materials can help prevent or resolve these problems, ensuring smooth and efficient packaging operations.

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