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BOVIPACK: What problems may occur with vertical overwrap package machine?

January 29, 2024

BOVIPACK: The Problems and Solutions of Vertical Overwrap Package Machine


1. Misalignment of products: This can occur when the product is not properly positioned before it enters the machine.

As a result, the packaging material may not be wrapped tightly around the product or may be misaligned, leading to an unattractive and ineffective package.

Solution: To prevent this problem, operators should ensure that the product is correctly positioned and aligned before it enters the machine.


2. Tearing or puncturing of the packaging material:

This can happen when the machine exerts excessive pressure on the product or when there are sharp edges or protrusions on the product that can damage the packaging material.

Solution: To avoid this issue, it is important to carefully select the appropriate packaging material that can withstand the pressure and to inspect the products

for any sharp edges or protrusions that may cause damage.


3. Mechanical failures or malfunctions: This can result in the machine not functioning properly or completely shutting down, causing delays in production and loss of productivity.

Solution: Regular maintenance and inspections should be conducted to identify any potential issues and to ensure that the machine is operating smoothly.

Additionally, operators should be trained on troubleshooting techniques to address minor issues and to prevent them from escalating into major problems.

4. Irregularly shaped or oversized products: It may not fit properly within the machine, leading to difficulties in wrapping or sealing the packaging material.

Solution: It is crucial to select a machine that is suitable for the specific size and shape of the products being packaged to ensure optimal performance.


5. The complexity of the machine's operation: It can pose challenges for operators, particularly those who are not familiar with the equipment.

The process of setting up the machine, adjusting settings and troubleshooting issues may require specialized knowledge and experience.

Solution: Adequate training should be provided to operators to ensure that they are proficient in operating the machine and to minimize the occurrence of errors or inefficiencies.

In conclusion, while vertical overwrap package machines offer numerous advantages in terms of efficiency and packaging quality, there are several problems that may occur with their usage.

These include misalignment of products, tearing or puncturing of packaging material, mechanical failures, difficulties with irregularly shaped products and challenges in operating the machine.

By addressing these issues through proper training, maintenance and careful selection of packaging materials,

the problems associated with vertical overwrap package machines can be minimized, allowing for smooth and efficient packaging operations.

If you need the automatic overwrapping machine for your products, please feel free to contact me!

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