1.Could you customize packaging machine as we need?
Yes, based on the space of your workshop and the requirements of machines, we could provide you the best packaging solutions.
2.Do you have after-sale services?
Yes, The main unit is guaranteed for one year, except for wearing parts.
3.What is the service life of the machine?
5-10 years


1.The machine runs at high speed and is stable, suitable for wrapping different sizes of cartons, and quickly changing moulds.
2.Side film feeding (BOPP, PVC, Printed films or papers), less static electricity
3.Completely air tight seals, compact, smooth, no wrinkles.
4.Experienced in overwrapping machine for 20 year, all machines are patented.

About Wanbon

Wanbon Machinery is the top one in the field of Over Wrapping Packaging Machine and Flow Packaging Machine in China. Our R&D team and sales advisers have at least 20 years' experience, and also joined in more than 1,000 important packaging projects, including upgrading, design and installing of the whole line. The packaging lines designed and produced by us are widely used in such  fields as pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics and etc. We also provide excellent and individual solutions for upgrading and value-added. Main electronic components of our packaging machine are provided by ABB, Siemens, and Panasonic, so to make sure the machine operate stably in high speed, also help our customers using machine instead of human and simplify packing procedure, finally realize auto packing, save cost to maximize profits. We keep in development and commercialize the achievement into more than 50 items of software patent,machine design patent and appearance patent. We are so certified as national High-Tech Enterprise in 2020 Our experienced after-sale service team keep online 24 hours and promise to arrive at site to solve problem within 72 hours. Our Specialty, Your value-added. What can we offer? 01.high speed overwrapping machine(Europe technique),special for pharm factory.It is suitable to pack big quantity box 02.Middle quality overwrapping machine,it is widely used in cosmetic and food and tea box packaging. 03.Basic quality overwrapping machine,it is suitable to pack small size box,such as tea  and tobacco box packing. 04.Flow packing machine-High speed,suitable for thick film packing,widely used in blister packing. 05.Economic flow packing machine-it is suitable for regular and irregular solid product packing 05.Vertical packing machine-it is good at to pack power,granula,liquid,in small bag. 06.Production line solution-For Shisha production line,blister production line,tea bag production line and so on

Product Introduction

Product Information

 instant noodle shrink film wrapping machine Supplier & manufacturers | Wanbon    

Company Advantages

Technology advantage: *Strong R&D We have senior technical staff, continue to innovate products, continuously optimize product performance according to user feedback, and apply for new patents every year *Strict Q&C We attach great importance to the installation details of the product, even a small screw cannot be used wrongly. After installation,  the company has repeated tests and can only leave the factory after reaching the standard that you are satisfied with. *GMP standard All of our machine is suitable GMP standard *Overseas designer consultation Excellent foreign technical engineers provide us with technical guidance.To make sure that we are the top manufacture for overwrapping machine

Product advantage *Fully automatic: advanced software of PLC control system,Servo linkage, more accurate,one machine has 2 servo motor to 7 servo motor. *High speed Machine working stable,normally speed from 30-60 package/min.Actural speed depends on carton size and machine mode.The efficiency can be 95% or more. Very low failure rate and stable operation, bringing continuous and efficient benefits to customers *Easy to operate We can set up several packaging plans.When you want to change the carton box,just Call the corresponding plan.very easy.If connect with front and back machine, our machine no need worker.It can work smoothly. *Easy to change mold It will take 15-30 minitues to change mold *Long service life The machine can use more than 20 years.

Culture advantages: Become a globally influential brand Provide customers with the best packaging solution Integrity cooperation, win-win situation A strong corporate culture, let us gather our strength, work together, build our own brand Wanbon, and maintain our original intention, so that we can always be

Service advantages: *Professional sales team We have domestic and abroad sales team,with more than 10 years experience *Efficient communication Professional sales,knows well in packing machine and packing industry,high efficiency communication,help you to find the suitable product in short time *Quick response We check mail and whatsapp frequently,reply customer within 1 hour. *Online technical guidance If customer has any technique question,we can We can quickly connect with technicians and communicate in time. *Timely after-sale offline Our machine is very easy to operate,so normally customer can set up and trial machine alone.If need engineer,we can send to you soon.

Certifications and Patents



1.Hot shrinking packaging: waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-pollution.

2.Instant sealing, heat-sealing station does not keep material: approximate cold packaging, no influence on drug sensitive products.

3.Full automation: feeding, standing, sorting, packaging, heat sealing and counting.

4.Automatic reset function: the equipment is more humanized and intelligent, easy to operation and maintenance.

5.Taking PLC as the center of electric controlling system to ensure the equipment operate in a stable and reliable state, and performance is more stable.

6.Packing speed can be stepless speed regulation: equipment is more convenient to use.

7.Double servo control system to ensure stable operation of the equipment, less static electricity.

8.Easy to operate, clean and maintain; high efficiency.


How we control SHRINK PACKING MACHINE quality?

01 6S management system

02 stable procurement channels, not because the price reduces the quality.

03 skilled installers

04 Careful quality inspection personnel, incoming inspection and pre-departure inspection.

05 before departure, the machine will be debugged until the customer is satisfied.

Packing Effect

Basic Information
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Take advantage of our unrivaled knowledge and experience, we offer you the best customization service.


Wanbon Machinery is the top one in the field of over wrapping packaging machine and pillow type packaging machine in China.If you have other questions, please write to us. just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.



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