Wet Wipes/Tissue Paper Packing Machine


Tissue Paper Packing Machine Features

1. Automatic operation: The wet wipes packing machine is designed to operate automatically, reducing the need for manual labor and increasing efficiency.

2. Adjustable packaging speed: The machine allows for adjustable packaging speed, enabling users to customize the production rate according to their needs.

3. Versatile packaging options: The machine can accommodate various packaging materials and sizes, making it suitable for a wide range of wet wipe products.

4. User-friendly interface: The machine is equipped with a user-friendly interface that allows for easy operation and monitoring of the packaging process.

5. High precision and accuracy: The wet wipes packing machine is designed to provide high precision and accuracy in packaging, ensuring consistent and uniform packaging of each product.

6. Durable construction: The machine is built with high-quality materials and components, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance.

7. Easy maintenance: The machine is designed for easy maintenance, with accessible components and simple troubleshooting procedures.

8. Compact design: The wet wipes packing machine has a compact design, saving space and making it suitable for a variety of production environments.

Wet Wipes Packing Machine Application

to pack Paper packet, paper bag, napkin, towel paper, roll paper, toilet paper Diapers, pads, soft cotton towels, sanitary napkins (flat), wet wipes, sanitary napkins (vertical), medical nursing pads, lazy rags, caps, sponges.

We supply semi-automatic and full automatic packing machine for cotton towel, tissue paper, surgical urine pad, baby diaper. eapecially toilet paper packaging machine is the widely popular type, our high efficiency paper packaging machine is a good choice for starting a better business.

wet wipes/tissue paper packing machine models: 

Cotton soft towel semi-automatic packaging machineWBP-01

Cotton soft towel Multi-piece sanitary napkin automatic packaging machineWBP-02

Air port toilet paper towel fully automatic packaging machineWBP-03 

Cotton Soft Towel Automatic Middle Packing Machine WBP-M

high speed Automatic Packing Machine for Sanitary Napkin-WBP-N

China Medium bag Coreless roll paper packaging machineWBP-R

Full automatic core roll paper packaging machineWBP-RC

Whole sale Multi-Piece Diaper Pad Packaging MachineWBP-P

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