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Widely used in beverage, food, dairy products, tobacco, medical care, chemical hardware and other industries. Packaging machine with its novel design, reasonable structure, stable and reliable performance, accurate sealing and cutting, packaging effect is good, durable, and has the characteristics of energy saving effect and won the trust and praise of the majority of users.

Combined Bottles Shrink Wrapping Machine Working Process

The single row of small bottles are automatically divided into 2 rows on the conveyor belt and transported to the position by the conveyor belt. The material handling mechanism shifts the two rows of small bottles to the stepper chain transfer station. The stepper chain drives the material forward to a station while the material handling mechanism is reset to wait for the next operation cycle. And so on. When the material is transferred to the manual dropping station, the origami machine will drop the manual, and the stepping chain will continue to drive the material to the next station after the manual is in place. When the material is moved to the push station, the push mechanism will push the material together with the instruction manual to the sealing and cutting station. The pressing cylinder will press the material to be packaged, and the upper and lower sealing and cutting knives will cut off the film. At the same time, the film wrapped material will be pushed into the shrink furnace, and the packaging will be completed after heat shrinkage and cooling in the shrink furnace.

Sleeve Shrink Wrapping Machine Specification

1. Packing form: sleeve type.

2. Package size: Φ28mm (Φ35) X high 55mm (can also be customized according to customer requirements)

3. Packing method: Bare bottle: 2X5

4. Put instructions: 90mm*140mm (90mm folded in half) (can also be customized according to customer requirements), and automatically put 10 instructions in the middle of 5 bottles

5. The device adopts standard configuration.

6. Packaging material: PE single film, thickness 0.035-0.045mm, (determined by the horizontal and longitudinal shrinkage ratio, in addition, refer to the customer's appearance requirements).

7. Packing speed: 12 bags per minute. (10 per pack)

Paper folding machine introduction

The instructions are placed on the pile of paper. When the machine is running, the instructions are separated from the bottom of the pile one by one, sucked down and folded.

Technical features:

1. There are three suction mouths that can move in parallel to adapt to different widths of paper to ensure the stability of the paper suction process.

2. The two take-up wheels can also move horizontally to adapt to different widths of paper.

3. Low noise during operation.

4. The use of mechanical suction valve and mechanical blow valve can improve the stability of paper separation.

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