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The De-static Treatment of our Films

October 11, 2023

Firstly, let's understand what static electricity is and why it can be problematic.

Static electricity is the build-up of electric charge on the surface of an object.

It occurs when there is an imbalance of positive and negative charges, leading to a discharge when the object comes into contact with another surface.

This discharge can cause various issues, such as damage to electronic devices, sticking of materials together, and even electric shocks to individuals.

And our film is professionally treated with electrostatic removal. Below is the advantages of our film’s anti-static properties.

The Advantages of our Film's De-static Treatment


1. Prevent damage to electronic devices: Static electricity can be particularly harmful to sensitive electronics, as it can cause components to malfunction or even permanently damage them.

By using our film, which does not generate static electricity, users can confidently protect their electronic devices from such risks.


2. Adhesion prevent: For example, in the packaging industry, static electricity can cause plastic films to cling to each other or to other surfaces, making it difficult to handle and package products.

With our film, this issue is eliminated, ensuring smooth and efficient packaging processes.

3. Safe: The absence of static electricity in our film rolls contributes to a safer working environment.

Electric shocks caused by static discharges can be not only discomforting but also potentially dangerous, especially in certain industries such as manufacturing or electronics.

By using our film, workers can avoid the risk of such shocks, promoting a safer workplace.

In conclusion, our BOPP/PVC film rolls has been treated with electrostatic removal and has many benefits, including the prevention of damage to electronic devices, 

improved handling and packaging processes and a safer working environment.

Our film electrostatic removal technology is in the leading position in China, providing services for many domestic and foreign factories.

If you are also looking for high-quality film, please contact us!

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