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In the pharmaceutical industry, the packaging process plays a critical role in ensuring the safety and quality of medications.

Two essential machines used in this process are the pharmaceutical flow packing machine and the cartoning machine.

BOVIPACK: The Introduction of Pharmaceutical Flow Packing Machine

The pharmaceutical flow packing machine is designed to package individual items such as tablets, capsules or vials.

It is a highly efficient machine that uses a continuous motion process to wrap the products in a flexible material, usually a plastic film.

The machine can accurately control the film tension, cutting, and sealing processes to ensure a tight and secure package.

This is crucial in preventing contamination or damage to the medication during transportation and storage.


One of the key advantages of the pharmaceutical flow packing machine is its versatility.

It can handle a wide range of product sizes and shapes, making it suitable for various pharmaceutical applications.

The machine can also be easily adjusted to accommodate different packaging requirements, such as changing the film type or adjusting the package dimensions.

This flexibility allows pharmaceutical manufacturers to efficiently package different medications with minimal downtime.

BOVIPACK: The introduction of Cartoning Machine


Another essential machine in the pharmaceutical packaging process is the cartoning machine.

After the individual items are wrapped, they need to be grouped and placed into cartons for further protection and identification.

The cartoning machine automates this process by forming, filling, and sealing the cartons. It can handle both small and large cartons, depending on the size of the packaged items.


The cartoning machine ensures the accuracy and integrity of the packaging process.

It can be equipped with various detection systems, such as vision systems or barcode scanners, to verify the correct placement of the products in the cartons.

This helps to prevent errors and ensure that the right medication is packaged in the right carton.


Additionally, the cartoning machine can be integrated with other packaging equipment, such as labeling or serialization systems.

This allows for a seamless and efficient packaging line, minimizing manual handling and reducing the risk of errors.

Overall, the pharmaceutical flow packing machine and cartoning machine are essential equipment in the pharmaceutical packaging line.

They ensure the safety, quality and efficiency of the packaging process, allowing pharmaceutical manufacturers to deliver medications to patients in a secure and reliable manner.

If you are going to buy the pharmaceutical packaging line, BOVIPACK is a good choice for you because we both have high-end flow wrapping machine and cartoning machine.

We can customize one for you!

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