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Product Introduction of reciprocating flow packing machine


Reciprocating Flow packing machine Features


1.According to different products, it can realize the docking with

 the production line, automatic feeding for less material, automatic

 discharging function for more material,and automatic counting.

2.Adopt advanced PLC and servo motor control technology, 

which is convenient for function adjustment and technology upgrade.

3.Tracking method: two-way tracking. Under normal circumstances,

 when there is a problem with adjusting the packaging paper or

 packaging, the correction is completed within the length of 3 packaging 

bags. The packaging machine has two operating modes: "single action" 

and "linkage".

4.The automatic feeding device is made of stainless steel and is fully 

servo controlled. The number of medicine plates can be controlled on

 the touch screen panel. If there is a material jamming phenomenon,

 there will be a cylinder lifting device, which is more concise and reliable.

5.New horizontal sealing device, perfect sealing, no sticking to the knife,

 no waste of film, long service life and easy cleaning. The transverse 

sealing cutter is made of high-strength and high-hardness alloy steel, 

which is wear-resistant, non-deformed,and sharp in cutting. The scrap

 rate is extremely low, and the product packaging effect is more beautiful.

6.The main electrical components are imported products, such as 

Panasonic servo system, Weilun touch screen, American Banner 

photoelectric switch, ABB button and indicator light, etc.

7.It has the function of automatic rejection of empty bags and the 

function of alarm detection and rejection of material shortage.

Company Advantages

Culture advantages: Become a globally influential brand Provide customers with the best packaging solution Integrity cooperation, win-win situation A strong corporate culture, let us gather our strength, work together, build our own brand Wanbon, and maintain our original intention, so that we can always be

Company advatanges:More than 20 years experience, more than 50 patents,Member of China Packaging Industry Association,famous brand in China

Product advantage *Fully automatic: advanced software of PLC control system,Servo linkage, more accurate,one machine has 2 servo motor to 7 servo motor. *High speed Machine working stable,normally speed from 30-60 package/min.Actural speed depends on carton size and machine mode.The efficiency can be 95% or more. Very low failure rate and stable operation, bringing continuous and efficient benefits to customers *Easy to operate We can set up several packaging plans.When you want to change the carton box,just Call the corresponding plan.very easy.If connect with front and back machine, our machine no need worker.It can work smoothly. *Easy to change mold It will take 15-30 minitues to change mold *Long service life The machine can use more than 20 years.

Service advantages: *Professional sales team We have domestic and abroad sales team,with more than 10 years experience *Efficient communication Professional sales,knows well in packing machine and packing industry,high efficiency communication,help you to find the suitable product in short time *Quick response We check mail and whatsapp frequently,reply customer within 1 hour. *Online technical guidance If customer has any technique question,we can We can quickly connect with technicians and communicate in time. *Timely after-sale offline Our machine is very easy to operate,so normally customer can set up and trial machine alone.If need engineer,we can send to you soon.

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